Despite the e-car boom – the new car market in Austria has collapsed

The number of new car registrations fell last year by 10.3 percent to 215,050 cars. This means that fewer cars were newly registered in Austria than 43 years ago.

Compared to the pre-crisis year of 2019, new car sales fell by more than a third. A total of 305,332 vehicles were newly registered in the previous year, 17.8 percent fewer than in 2021 and 30 percent fewer than in 2019. The average CO2 emissions of the new cars were 134 g/km. This corresponds to a consumption of a good 5.6 l/100 km for petrol engines or a good 5.0 l/100 km for diesels percent, for petrol engines 55.5 percent. In the case of purely electric cars, on the other hand, there was an increase of 269.7 percent – although the absolute figures still show that they are a niche: in 2022 only 34,165 e-cars were newly registered. Of all new passenger car registrations in 2022, 66 percent were accounted for by legal entities, companies and local authorities and 34 percent to private owners. With a 14.9 percent share of new cars, VW remained the market leader, ahead of Group subsidiary Skoda (8.7 percent) and BMW (7.6 percent). ) newly admitted. There were significant declines in tractor registrations (minus 14.4 percent) and also for two-wheelers (minus 2.4 percent).
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