Detective quiz: investigate and find these 8 whodunit films

Do you think you have the eye? Do you miss any detail? Prove it and lead the investigation to do a flawless on these Agatha Christie investigations like “Coup de théâtre”, currently in the cinema.

“That he has done ?” : this is what the English term means “whodunit”contraction of “Who has done it?”. A sub-genre of the detective story in which the main issue is to unmask the culprit of a crime (very often a murder), who hides among the characters we face in the same way as the person responsible for carrying out the investigation.

As in Coup de théâtre, detective comedy in theaters since Wednesday, September 14. Worn by Sam Rockwell and Saoirse Ronan, Tom George’s film takes place behind the scenes of a play by Agatha Christie, Queen of the “whodunit” to whom the feature film pays tribute. Just like this quiz.

For some years, the “whodunit” is enjoying renewed interest among the general public. Perhaps thanks to the success of Knives Out (311.6 million dollars in revenue worldwide for a budget of 40, and an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay). Unless Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express has something to do with it.

Still, we see more and more of it on the small and big screen. And even Scream, which mixes “whodunit” and “slasher” recently took part in the celebration thanks to the sequel signed Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, who have just finished filming the next opus, expected with us on March 29, 2023. As explained to us by Tom George, director of Coup de theater, the success of the genre is explained in particular by the fact that the spectator can also lead the investigation at the same time as the hero.

While waiting to discover Glass Onion, the sequel to Knives Out which will be on Netflix on December 23, it’s up to you to play detectives to try our quiz without fail.

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