Diablo Immortal: 55 million gold, items and more – brazen clan boss betrays members


Diablo Immortal players lost 55 million gold and other rewards through a nasty trick. We’ll tell you how this “theft” could have happened.

A clan leader steals from many players. (Source: Screenshot Blizzard)

  • In Diablo Immortal, one player cheated many others.
  • A clan leader removed all members and kept an event reward for himself.
  • 55 million gold, 218,000 hilt and three legendary items should be divided among all participating players.

With Diablo Immortal you can spend a lot of real money. For example, a fan paid almost 15,000 euros to get a desired item.

Now some players on a US server are complaining on Reddit that they have been cheated. On Sundays, the Rite of Exile takes place, where players gain power and rewards based on their contribution.

The incident was supposed to distribute 55 million gold, 218,000 hilt (free to play currency) and three legendary items among the participants. However, the leader of the guild removed all members except one friend.

Therefore, the rewards went to the two people remaining in the clan, which is why various cheated players are now demanding rules that prevent this from happening. We’ll tell you how much Blizzard deserves despite all the criticism.

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