Diablo IV: this is just the beginning, expansions already planned!

Robin Lamorlette

June 06, 2023 at 10:15 a.m.


Diablo IV © Blizzard

© Blizzard

As one might expect, Diablo IV will carry on the tradition of its predecessors with the release of expansions.

While the last title of the famous hack’n slash license has just been officially launched, Blizzard is already turning its gaze to the distant future of Sanctuary.

Infernal plans for Diablo IV

After interviewing a pessimistic Phil Spencer, Kinda Funny Games invited to his microphone Rod Fergusson, responsible for the license Diablo at Blizzard. This interview was conducted when the early access of the last opus was going to be launched.

Diablo IV © Nerces

© Nerces for Clubic

Unsurprisingly, Blizzard has high hopes around Diablo IV, which seems well on its way to enjoying great success, both critically and commercially. This success will (or not) be affirmed with the arrival of seasons including their share of new content, especially for the endgame.

But the team does not intend to rest on its laurels. We would already be talking internally about not one, but two extensions. This would be a first for a game Diablothe two previous opuses having each hosted one.

What to expect from extensions Diablo IV ?

Without divulging too much of the story of Diablo IV that most have barely had time to begin, the end of the latter is intended to be extremely open. This leaves a wide range of possibilities, and therefore room for one or, in this case, two extensions.

Especially since Sanctuary, the vast open world offered in this opus, is actually only half represented. We survey its eastern part, and there remains its western part, where the famous city of Tristram is located.

© Blizzard

It could therefore be that we are entitled to an opportunity to visit the second half of Sanctuary (but in proportions, we hope, a little less gigantic). However, these prospects are very distant for the moment, and we should not see the color of it for several months or years.

It will be thus through the seasons that Diablo IV will be filled with content. These will (re)introduce both new and old mechanics to the already existing block. Rod Fergusson notably mentioned certain runic words…

Source : Kinda Funny Games on YouTube

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