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What if we brought dictation up to date? To revise your spelling while having fun, writing Current wife offers you a dictation and its correction to do alone or with your family. In this eighth podcast part Dictation!navigate between the lines of the poem “Tomorrow, at down” by Victor Hugo. The text is dictated by Madam speech therapist, spelling influencer and author of the book “Madam speech therapist, erase all your spelling mistakes”, published by Éditions de l’Opportun last October. The correction will then be available in the next episode and on the website Femmeactuale.fr.

Revise your classics with this poem by Victor Hugo

“Tomorrow, at dawn, at the time when the countryside whitens…”. This verse takes us back to school, in front of our poetry notebook. Victor Hugo’s poems evoke a memorable memory for all of us. Published in 1856, “Tomorrow, at down…” is an emblematic poem by Victor Hugo, taken from his collection “Contemplations”. The latter evokes the author’s pilgrimage to the grave of his daughter Léopoldine, who died a few years earlier. The man also nicknamed the Ocean Man combines mourning with the beauty of nature in a striking emotional depth.

The podcast “Dictation!” invites you to revise your classics by practicing this classic of French literature. Here, be careful to combine the future correctly.

The text of the dictation


Tomorrow, at dawn, at a time when the countryside whitens,
I leave. You see, I know you’re waiting for me.
I will go through the forest, I will go across the mountains.
I can’t stay away from you any longer.

I will walk with my eyes fixed on my thoughts,
Without seeing anything outside, without hearing any noise,
Alone, unknown, back bent, hands crossed,
Sad, and the day for me will be like the night.

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