Did you understand the end of Spider-Man Far From Home on TF1? Marvel Movie Ending Explained

Broadcast this evening on TF1, “Spider-Man Far From Home” has a stunning revelation in its mid-credits scene, and this is what it implies for the character.

Warning, the article below reveals potential spoilers. If you do not wish to know its contents, please do not read what follows…

This Sunday March 31, TF1 viewers were able to discover Spider-Man: Far From Home., second episode of the trilogy of adventures of the superhero played by Tom Holland. And after the animated end credits, as is tradition, Marvel has planned a bonus scene that has serious repercussions for the character, and if you’re a little lost, here’s what that means.

What is happening in the scene?

Did you notice that Mysterio is already hiding at the start of the film?

At the end of the film, Peter asks MJ (Zendaya) to take a ride with him between the skyscrapers of New York using his spider webs as a pendulum. But after taking their little stroll – which MJ didn’t like – Peter is stopped by a television screen. On the latter, he discovers that before dying, Quentin Beck aka Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) recorded a message revealing the identity of Peter Parker!

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Mysterio throws everything away!

The scene allows us to finally see the journalist J. Jonah Jameson, well known to Spider-Man fans, and once again played by JK Simmons as in the Sam Raimi trilogy, but what does this mean for the Marvel universe and Spider-Man?

What impact for Peter Parker?

Jameson calls Mysterio “greatest superhero of our time” and, in addition to revealing his true identity, holds Spider-Man responsible for the character’s death – which is technically true, except that Mysterio wasn’t a martyr at all and obviously a supervillain. Jameson’s media will therefore be against Parker and constantly denigrate him, and poses serious questions for the young man.

How to live your relationship with MJ peacefully? How can you continue with normal schooling when you’re a superhero and everyone knows it? How can you keep yourself and your loved ones safe when all the supervillains know who you are and can find your house? So many questions that now arise for young Peter, hence his panicked reaction at the end of the scene.

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These questions will be addressed in Spider-Man: No Way Home, in which, with the help of Doctor Strange’s magic, Peter tries to make everyone forget that he is indeed Spider-Man. Obviously, nothing is that simple when trying to alter reality, and by using this magic, Parker will open the doors to the multiverse… But that’s all another story!

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