Diet tips: We just ignore these crazy tricks

Does the diet tip sound too good to be true? Then it is most likely total rubbish and should best be ignored – like this one.

Top model diet? Size zero effect? It's milking to the mouse! You can quickly be blinded by the whole diet promise and before you know it you have fallen into the marketing trap. With these diet tips, our inner alarm bells ring so loud that we immediately put them on the killing list.

1. This diet works – without any exercise!

Lose weight and be a real couch potato at the same time – that's clear! You have to starve yourself completely to reach a calorie deficit without exercise. Not only does that sound pretty unhealthy, we just don't feel like it.

2. Remove with product X overnight

This fairy tale often promises shakes that are supposed to "melt fat" in a miraculous way. What we get served instead is the risk of quickly losing the appetite for tasteless liquid food and oh yes, there is also a fat yo-yo effect. No thanks, life is too short for cabbage soups and spinach shakes.

3. Avoid exactly THAT product

Replace THAT with "sugar, milk, pasta, egg, fats …" and get a slogan that you read far too often. We don't know about you, but when someone tells us to forego this or that, we want it all the more. It is obvious! It might make sense to reduce sugar, for example, it might be, but eliminating it completely from the menu is pretty utopian and won't work in the long term anyway. We're sorry, we can't take the chocolate pudding in front of the TV or the XXL popcorn bucket in the cinema. Yummy!

4. My diet is the right one

Nutritionists are a dime a dozen these days. The self-proclaimed personal trainer who raves about his miracle diet. Influencers promoting any magical detox teas. All well and good! But you have to keep in mind that influencers get paid for it and the buddy may be a disciplined fitness junkie (and we are more of the "sport is murder" sort).

We want to make one thing clear …

We have no problem with people who want to eat healthily, but we are simply too old for such diet stuff and life with one or two bacon rolls and chocolate pudding in hand is far too good.