Digital curfew and confiscation of smartphones, National Education wants to fight against school bullying

In order to fight against school bullying, the Minister of National Education Gabriel Atal is proposing several measures, some of which specifically concern cyberbullying.

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The phenomenon of school harassment no longer needs to be proven. Its consequences are extremely serious, going as far as suicide of student victims. For many years now, it has no longer been limited to the confines of establishments: with smartphones and social networks, bullying almost never stops. It is in a tragic context with the recent death of Nicolas, a 15-year-old boy harassed at high school, that the Ministry of National Education suggests ways to stem this scourge.

Three of them aim at cyber harassment. The first is a strengthening of control of the numerical majority. Remember that since the vote this summer on the Marcangeli law, You must be 15 years old to register and use a social network without parental authorization. A measure far from being respected. In order to facilitate controls, the Minister of Education Gabriel Atal proposes touse the platform ÉduConnectwhich already makes it possible to check the age of students who connect to it.

The fight against school bullying could involve the confiscation of smartphones, among other things

The second measure consists of systematically confiscate the smartphone when a case of cyberharassment leads to referral to the children’s judge. The law project Securing and regulating the digital spacecurrently discussed in the National Assembly, provides thata student convicted of harassment is banned for 6 months from social networks. Or 12 in the event of a repeat offense. This therefore requires that the sanction has already been pronounced. Gabriel Atal’s proposal would make it possible to intervene from the start of the procedure.

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Finally, it is a question of establishing a digital curfew. Also preventive, it would apply for example from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. the next day. During this time, the young person would not have the right to access social networks. We do not yet know how this measure could be concretely implemented, as it seems easy to circumvent it. All these tracks will be presented on September 27 as part of the interdepartmental plan. Remember that there is a free number to report a case of school harassmentTHE 3018as well as a dedicated mobile application.

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