Disgust alarm: you should replace your cutting board that often

Household tip
This is how often you should replace your cutting board

A cutting board can quickly become a spinner if you are not careful.


Such a cutting board is an essential helper in every kitchen. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner – the good boards are in use every day. However, rarely does anyone think about the hygiene requirements of this board …

Germs, viruses and bacteria like to make themselves comfortable on your cutting board. You quickly take in unhygienic pathogens with the amounts of vitamins from various types of fruit and vegetables. Because such a cutting board is THE collection point for various types of viruses – which is why you should better replace it regularly.

Have you ever thought about cutting your juicy apple for your morning oatmeal on the same spot where you cut meat or fish the night before? And how do you clean the board after use? How long has it been a loyal companion in your kitchen? It may be time for you to look for a new board – here you can see how regularly it should be replaced.

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