Disney at the top: These films were the most sold over the counter in 2020

Disney at the top
These films were the most frequently sold over the counter in 2020

Especially popular with young film fans: "Frozen 2"

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2020 was home cinema year with small exceptions. These films were most commonly purchased on DVD and Blu-ray over the past twelve months.

The corona pandemic has been forcing film fans, with a few exceptions, to forego new food in the cinema for almost a year. Those who do not have a subscription for one of the relevant streaming services will also use DVD and Blu-ray in 2020. GfK Entertainment has now determined which strips have been purchased most frequently on physical data carriers in the past twelve months. At the top of this statistic, the Disney film studio can boast.

No other film sold as often on DVD in 2020 as "Frozen 2". And also in second place was a Disney production, the final part of the latest "Star Wars" trilogy called "The Rise of Skywalker". Third place went to a German film with "The Perfect Secret", followed by "Jumanji: The Next Level". A true long-running favorite for young and old made it to fifth place: The large "Harry Potter Complete Collection", which contains all parts from one to seven.

Somewhat surprisingly, the top 5 for Blu-rays is different. Here "The Rise of Skywalker" and "Frozen 2" made it to second and third place, the oppressive comic book adaptation "Joker" got first place. The Blu-ray list is completed by "Rambo: Last Blood" and "ES: Kapitel 2".