disney chanel presents her first bisexual character!

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The director of the cartoon "Luz in Osville" (The Owl House in original version), broadcast since last April on the Disney Channel, has confirmed that her heroine is bisexual. A first at Disney!

A bit of modernity in Mickey's world! For the first time since its creation, Disney is staging its first bisexual character in the animated series "Luz à Osville" broadcast on Disney Channel.

A bisexual heroine

After getting approval from Disney, designer Dana Terrace created the perfect heroine to represent the little ones. Luz Noceda, a 14-year-old Dominican-American girl.

Airing since April 2020 on the Disney Channel, "Luz in Osville" follows the adventures of 14-year-old Luz Noceda who dreams of becoming a witch. When she stumbles across a portal giving her access to a magical world, she meets Eda a witch, and King a young warrior! She later becomes Eda's apprentice and will have to fight the demons.

Luz later befriends a classmate, Amity, who is secretly madly in love with her. It is in an episode broadcast on August 16 that Dana Terrace reveals the bisexuality of her heroine. Entitled “Own House”, it exploits the relationship of the two characters. Yes, times have changed at Disney!

Director Dana Terrace explained on Twitter that she drew heavily on her personal life "When I started developing "Owl House" I wanted to do a prom episode to make up for my own experiences. I'm incredibly grateful to the whole team who worked on this badass episode.. ”

The place of LGBTQ at Disney

Little mentioned within the famous American firm, homosexuality is still too taboo a subject. However, there is some progress to note. Indeed, the short film “Out” on Disney + features an openly gay character. GLAAD, the Observatory for LGBTQ Representation, congratulated Disney on twitter. Still timid beginnings but promising for the future!

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