Disney found its big bad for its live-action Pinocchio

We finally know the name of the great villain of live-action Disney dedicated to Pinocchio! It is Luke Evans who will play the villainous coachman after having played the role of Gaston in Beauty and the Beast alongside Emma Watson.

This is the site Deadline who broke the news! Luke Evans will play the villainous coachman of Pinocchio known to lure the "stupid little boys" on the island of pleasures where they are transformed into donkeys to be sold on the black market. The 41-year-old Welsh actor has previously starred in a live-action universe Disney. Indeed, he plays the terrible Gaston in the film The beauty and the Beast alongside Emma Watson and Dan Stevens.

In this new feature film, Luke Evans will find Tom Hanks who will play the role of Pinocchio's dad, Geppetto. For the moment, few details are known about this live-action which will take the broad lines of the history of the 1940 cartoon. It will highlight the toy maker Geppetto who makes a puppet called Pinocchio. Having no children, the man dreams that the wooden puppet will become a real little boy. A wish made by the Blue Fairy but on one condition: Pinocchio will become a real little boy if he is worthy of it. It is the cricket, Jiminy Cricket, who will be the good conscience of the puppet to prevent him from doing badly. But that was without counting on the meeting between Pinocchio and the two crooks, Grand Coquin the fox and Gideon the cat, then Stromboli and finally the terrible coachman.

This live-action was announced last December and should land on the streaming platform soon, Disney +. The famous studios will also present their new feature film Peter Pan and Wendy who should follow in the footsteps of Mulan by releasing only on the online streaming platform. It could be that the next animated film Raya and the Last Dragon suffers the same fate and does not hit theaters. The cartoon was scheduled for Christmas 2020 in theaters but has been postponed to March 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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