Doctor Who: a totally crazy trailer against the backdrop of reunions for the 60th anniversary episodes

This Friday, the BBC teased THE whovians by giving us an appointment this Saturday to a trailer for the next episodes of Doctor Whowhich will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the series at the end of the year. Binary codes were inserted there, one with the date and time of the broadcast and the other translating into “Their time has come” or “Their time has come”, without us knowing who the subject is even with more context now. The previous highlight of communication around the sixtieth anniversary took place on the evening ofEurovision 2023with a video introducing the titles of the three specials with THE Fourteenth Doctor played by David Tennantwhich followed a teaser broadcast at Christmas, that’s how much we waited for this trailer of the day, which delights as it should !

The quality of the production appears better than ever for our greatest pleasure. The trailer initially focuses on memory loss Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) dating from the episode Journey’s End at the end of season 4 of NuWhocaused by the Tenth Doctor – who was also played by David Tennant – for his own good. The two partners will end up meeting again following the crash of an alien ship, which undoubtedly belongs to Beep the Meepchased by the Wrarth Warriors like in the comics. And obviously, she will end up remembering her past without it killing her, giving us a line like she has the secret!

The other big piece that will be added to all this mess is the character played by Neil Patrick-Harris, whose identity is now made official by the BBC. Yes the Doctor will be confronted with Toy maker, who appeared in a 1966 episode of which only part has survived on video, making the character then played by Michael Gough all the more legendary. He has since made a few appearances in comics, novels and audio stories of Big Finishbut this will be his big return to television.

Doctor Who specials 60th anniversary 02 23 09 2023

UNIT will have a big role to play in this intrigue and this dear Kate Lethbridge-Stewart (Jemma Redgrave) will therefore obviously be present. According to what she declares, it is all of humanity that will plunge the world into chaos, hence the scenes of panic in the streets. The most terrifying undoubtedly remains the shot of London with clearly visible rivers of magma. A big end-of-the-world atmosphere that will raise the stakes even higher. But is all this real? Because the scene with the Celestial Toy Maker in the form of a giant holding splint crosses and the protagonist’s tantrum could suggest that all this is just a gigantic mind gameAnd as a teasing for the rest, the video ends by reminding us that Ncuti Gatwa will be the Fifteenth Doctor.

THE showrunner Russell T Davies also said the following:

This is just the beginning, as the fever begins to rise. We’re heading into a November full of surprises for Doctor Who, for fans and new viewers alike. Stay alert !

We want to believe it after the slap that this trailer has just given us. On the other hand, still no precise release date For now, just confirmation of what was obvious, it will be for the month of November. Moreover, it is clearly stated that Disney+ will release them at that timesince the platform has broadcast rights outside the United Kingdom.

Doctor Who specials 60th anniversary 03 23 09 2023

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