Doctors Without Borders worried: Israeli soldiers are supposed to block the clinic in Jenin

Doctors Without Borders worried
Israeli soldiers are supposed to block the clinic in Jenin

The Israeli army speaks of an “anti-terror operation”: several people are said to have been injured in Jenin. A clinic also appears to have been blocked. The president of Doctors Without Borders cannot leave a hospital at night.

According to media reports, several people were injured during a major Israeli military operation in the city of Jenin in the northern West Bank. The Palestinian news agency Wafa reports that Israeli soldiers blocked a hospital in the city. According to eyewitnesses, they also checked ambulances. Wafa also reported that the army used bulldozers to destroy infrastructure in Jenin and attacked a house with rockets.

The president of the aid organization Doctors Without Borders, Christos Christou, wrote to X that night that he was in a hospital in Jenin and could not leave because of an Israeli blockade. “None of the injured patients can come to the hospital and we cannot get to these people,” he said. “There is nothing worse for a doctor than knowing that there are people out there who need our help and not getting it.”

An Israeli army spokesman said only that the soldiers were in Jenin for an “anti-terror operation.” The city is a stronghold of Palestinian militants. There are also repeated raids by the Israeli army in the local refugee district. Israel accuses militant groups of using clinics and ambulances for terrorist purposes.

Since the attack by terrorists from the Islamist Hamas and other groups on October 7, the security situation in the Israeli-occupied West Bank has deteriorated massively. Since then, 231 Palestinians have been killed in confrontations with Israeli soldiers and attacks by Israeli settlers, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. Since the beginning of the year, a total of 427 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli military operations, confrontations or their own attacks in the West Bank.

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