DOFUS, a secret project for the YouTuber Liche

Announced on Twitter on November 22, Liche, Youtuber Dofusien is preparing a “secret surprise” for DOFUS players. Let’s take a closer look at what to expect and when will we be able to access it.

Liche, content creator, will offer his own fansite

Although there is no precise description of the project, some clues are already present. Starting with Liche’s announcement tweet, the secret project will therefore be a “swebsite which I hope will help as many of you as possible“.

The site should therefore offer additional features to help DOFUS players.

Many new features of the same kind can be cited as comparisons, such as Dofusbook for the creation of equipment or Dofus Portals with community participation.

The current reference in this field is currently DofusDB, offering an encyclopedic vision and a good range of tools. In any case, the inscription, the scale and the nature of this future fansite will be specified in order to better situate it.

We can still rule out a track: in response to a Tweet Liche, confirmed that his website would not be “A site for the exchange or trade of rare objects”. Indeed, he would probably be in violation of Ankama’s T&Cs, which are quite strict in terms of off-game interactions.

Early access on Twitter

If you wish to access the site as soon as it is released, you will have to follow lich on twitter. An “Early access” will allow the first arrivals to help the creators of the project to “fix 2-3 things“.

As for the precise release date of the project, there are only a few weeks left to wait before knowing the day and no longer being satisfied with the planned release. “by the end of the month”.

We will come back in detail on all the information around the secret Liche project when it is released.

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