“Don’t forget the words”: after 30 victories, Maestro Honorine loses the silver microphone: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Present in Do not forget the lyrics since Thursday February 1, 2024, Honorine has beaten all the candidates who have stood in her way over the last three weeks. Faithful to the post to defend his precious silver microphone Thursday February 22, 2024, the Maestro first beat his first opponent of the evening to achieve a 30th victory, which allowed him to win a nice trip. At the head of a prize pool of 175,000 euros, the one who recently qualified for the Masters of Do not forget the lyrics unfortunately fell on a bone during the second program broadcast that day on France 2. Opposed to a new candidate by the name of Marine, Honorine nevertheless seemed to be heading towards new success. However, a small error in concentration on the tube My revolution of Jenifer cost her her place. Her opponent did not tremble at this legendary song from the very first winner of the star Academy.

Honorine (“Don’t forget the words”): “I cried a lot”

Honorine was therefore forced to hand over the silver microphone to Marinewho thus became the new Maestro of Do not forget the lyrics. This premature elimination could also cost the fallen champion her place in the Masters, given that she is only the 32nd best candidate in the history of the France 2 musical game. It would therefore be enough for another participant to overtake her in the rankings. in the coming months so that she will be ejected from the famous competition of champions without having participated in a single edition. If Honorine was not overwhelmed by emotions on set following her elimination, the former Maestro admitted to Tele-Leisure that she had broken down once out of sight of the cameras. “I don’t think I cry on set, but behind the scenes, I cried a lot. At home, I cried a lot, because it stopsshe revealed, in an interview published just after her elimination. “It’s such a pleasure and it’s such a rush of adrenaline that you don’t want it to stop. It’s a bit like a drug. We know it’s going to happen, but we want to let it be as late as possible”also added the eliminated candidate.

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