“Don't forget the words”: Nagui swings a valve on Michel Sardou which does not go unnoticed: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Provocative artist par excellence, Michel Sardou specializes in critical texts, defending his own vision of history and society. A little side "reaction", coupled with a label of "right singer" which he has always defended in the media, especially when he was accused of racism in an open letter. However, Nagui, which valves faster than its shadow, put the oil back on the fire by throwing a spade to the one who said goodbye to the scene on April 12, 2018. The presenter of Do not forget the lyrics started its favorite refrain in the show on Monday March 23: the little joke, slipped air of nothing, which is booming!

Nagui does not carry Michel Sardou in his heart

After having turned on Claude François for his inelegant behavior with France Gall, it is up to the interpreter of Love sickness that the companion of Melanie page cut a two-piece suit. When the challenger of the episode of the day has finished the song Africa farewell of the popular singer, Nagui slipped the following comment, rather explicit: "I'm always a little tense when there's a Sardou song with "Africa" ​​in the title. I say to myself 'ola'!" A message that did not go unnoticed by Internet users, who recalled that the dispute between these two men did not date from the appearance of the coronavirus. While a candidate had chosen the category "Seducers", the sidekick of Michel Cymes could not help laughing when seeing the name of Michel Sardou appear.

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