Dr. Dre: Discharged from hospital after brain aneurysm


Dr. Dre
Discharged from hospital after brain aneurysm

Dr. Dre was released from the hospital again.

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Dr. Dre has apparently been released from the hospital. He survived the brain aneurysm, but the doctors are still looking after him.

Hip-hop legend Dr. Dre (55, "The Chronic") has apparently left the hospital again. The musician was admitted to a clinic in Los Angeles on January 5th for a brain aneurysm. Since then, fans and family have worried about him. On the night from Friday to Saturday, his long-time companion Ice-T (62, "Mind Over Matter") via Twitter All clear: "I've just face-timed with Dr. Dre. He just got home. Sure and he looks good."

Not over yet

Before that, Dr. Dre himself reported from the hospital via social media: "I'm fine and the medical team is taking wonderful care of me," he told his fans via Instagram a little over a week ago.

The US portal "TMZ" reports, however, that Dr. Dre receive medical care around the clock at home. His doctors let his friends and family know that "a bad outcome" was not currently to be feared.