Dream curls without heat? 3 new hair gadgets put to the test

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Dream curls without heat? 3 hair gadgets in the test

Do these hair gadgets keep what the manufacturer promises?


Conjure up beautifully defined curls in your hair and all without a curling iron, etc.: Two testers tried out three popular no-heat gadgets and in the end, they were particularly impressed by one product.

Do you want soft beach waves or wild curls? Many products on the hair market promise just that – even without heat. But can they actually pass the practical test? A team from RTL found that out.

Do these products give you real wow curls?

Two testers, one with long wavy hair and one with short straight hair, dare to try three particularly popular heat-free curling gadgets – and are ultimately convinced of the result, especially with one product. You can find out which three curling tools were tested and what the end result looks like in the video.

Source: RTL


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