Drew Barrymore: That’s why her daughters aren’t allowed to get started in Hollywood

Drew Barrymore
That’s why her daughters aren’t allowed to get started in Hollywood

Drew Barrymore is a celebrated actress herself, but apparently wants to protect her children from the consequences of fame.

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Drew Barrymore is still against her daughters getting into the film business. Apparently her experiences as a child star are behind this.

Drew Barrymore (49) himself enjoyed great success in Hollywood as a young child. But she also knows the dangers that come with being in the public eye as a child star. Therefore, the actress and producer is currently not ready to allow her two daughters to follow in her famous footsteps. The mother of two recently did this revealed in an interview with “People”.

When she became a new mother, she was often asked: “Do you want your children to get into the film business too?” That always gave her a sad feeling – as if the film business was “very toxic”. She didn’t think that was her attitude towards it. “It has finally given me all the opportunities I have and I couldn’t appreciate my life more.”

Drew Barrymore comes from a veritable dynasty of actors. Her father, grandfather, great-grandparents, great-aunt and uncle were all actors. She first appeared in a commercial at the age of 11 months and had her international breakthrough at the age of six with her role in “ET”. However, she then made headlines for drug and alcohol use between the ages of nine and 12.

Her daughters really want to get into the film business

Therefore, she is not ready to give her daughters Olive (11) and Frankie (10) the green light for a life in the spotlight. “My kids ask me all the time – they’d love to be in a movie or be on social media or sing. But I always say, ‘School plays and drama camp are OK. But don’t be in public until… .’ And then they ask: ‘OK, but until when?’ And then I always say, ‘I know you want an answer and I know it’s not satisfactory that I can’t give you a specific one, but I’ll feel it will happen if I think you do be ready.'”

When that moment comes, Barrymore said she plans to be her children’s biggest cheerleader. “As a parent, I really want to support my children when they are older,” said the 49-year-old. “But that’s not at 13 or at 14 (…) – it’s probably north of 14 or 15.”

She finds it very understandable that her daughters are so interested in the film business. “Being part of my father’s family has a cosmic, spiritual, magnetic pull,” she said back in 2022 in another conversation with “People”. She feels drawn to doing what her ancestors would have done.


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