“Drift – Partners in Crime”: Fast-paced action series

“Drift – Partners in Crime”
Fast-paced action series

Fabian Busch as Leo Zeller in “Drift – Partners in Crime”.

© Sky Deutschland/Action Concept/Marc Reimann

On February 24, the German police series “Drift – Partners in Crime” will start on Sky and Wow. What is it about and what can the new series do?

On February 24, the action-packed police series “Drift – Partners in Crime” will start on Sky and its streaming service Wow. Ken Duken (43) and Fabian Busch (47) embody the main roles of two unequal brothers. You play police officers who haven’t had any contact with each other for years, but have to surpass themselves together when they are involuntarily drawn into a dark conspiracy that reaches into the highest police circles. That’s what viewers can expect in “Drift – Partners in Crime”.

That’s what “Drift – Partners in Crime” is about

Police officer Ali Zeller (Duken) works in Munich at the Commissariat for Operational Measures. Privately, he meets regularly with the lawyer Maryam Soltani (Mona Pirzad, 39). When the routine transfer of a prisoner ends in disaster, Ali is put on leave and prosecutors begin investigating him.

Then his brother Leo Zeller (Busch), who has become a stranger to him, appears on the scene, with whom Ali has had no contact for decades after a family tragedy in her youth. Leo is now working as an internal investigator at the LKA in Leipzig. Working reluctantly at first, the two take on a full-scale conspiracy with powerful backers pulling the strings. In order to put a stop to the dangerous criminals and prove Ali’s innocence, Leo and his brother even travel to Greece.

The five episodes from season one appear in one fell swoop

Sky releases the first five episodes of the first “Drift – Partners in Crime” season in one fell swoop on February 24. They are complete in terms of content. However, this is not the end of the adrenaline-packed action series. The second part of season one will appear on Sky and Wow in autumn 2023 and will again consist of five episodes. A minute and a half action-packed trailer agrees with the series.

Those involved in front of and behind the scenes

The main roles of the unequal brothers Ali and Leo in “Drift – Partners in Crime” are played by Ken Duken and Fabian Busch (“Tatort”), known from the movie “Traumfabrik” (2019). Actress Mona Pirzad is known from Fatih Akin’s (49) gangster film “Rheingold”, in which she played a leading role.

The actors Nikola Kastner (“Deutschland 83”, “Homeland”), Angelina Häntsch (“Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo”), Daniel Lommatzsch (“Das Secret des Totenwaldes”) and Julika Jenkins (“Dark”).

Director Tim Trachte (“Biohackers”) is responsible behind the scenes and directed all five episodes from the first part of season one. The head authors are Andreas Brune, Sven Frauenhoff and Markus M. Pajtler.

“Drift – Partners in Crime”: That’s why the series is worth seeing

Fans of action-packed car chases will get their money’s worth in “Drift – Partners in Crime”. Because the policeman brothers Ali and Leo have to repeatedly evade their dangerous opponents on four wheels – or use their own vehicle as a deadly weapon.

In addition, the highly entertaining dynamic of the two main characters is particularly impressive in the series. Ali and Leo could hardly be more different. While the impulsive Ali, who is strong in improvisation, prefers to tackle problems and opponents head-on and without hesitation, Leo is clever and careful, but occasionally too hesitant. These differences and contrasts also make for some comedic moments as the long-separated brothers gradually grow closer.

Last but not least, the series “Drift – Partners in Crime” should also appeal to those viewers who like to watch conspiracy stories riddled with paranoia and distrust. Because Ali and Leo have to repeatedly recognize that they can ultimately trust each other in the confused case.


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