Duchess Catherine: She is supposed to act as a peacemaker between Harry and William

Duchess Catherine
She is supposed to act as a peacemaker between Harry and William

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Duchess Catherine is now set to act as a peacemaker between the quarreling brothers Prince William and Prince Harry at the funeral of her grandfather Prince Philip next Saturday.

At the upcoming funeral service for the late Prince Philip, † 99, on Saturday (April 17, 2021), all eyes will be on Prince William, 38, and his brother Prince Harry, 36. Every movement, every gesture will be analyzed, because everyone knows that the two of them have a rather frosty relationship at the moment. There has been no real debate between the brothers since the explosive Oprah interview. To defuse the delicate situation, Duchess Catherine, 39, should act as a kind of peacemaker and try to mediate between the two brothers. A Royal Insider told the British daily Daily Mail. Kate is supposed to help build a unified front of the family, especially the two brothers for Queen Elizabeth, 94.

For Prince Harry, Duchess Catherine is the “sister he never had”

The princes haven’t seen each other in over a year since Harry and his wife, Duchess Meghan, 39, stepped down as high-ranking royals. The explosive TV interview with Oprah Winfrey, 67, only increased tensions within the royal family. But Kate is ready to intervene if necessary to help the brothers as she is close to the two boys. Harry often referred to Kate as “the sister he never had”.

Do the brothers talk before the funeral?

Allegedly, William and Harry are said to have spoken to each other at least once since arriving in London. A face-to-face meeting is scheduled for Friday (April 16, 2021) so that the two of them have the chance to have an honest discussion in private.

Prince William and Prince Harry know they are not the focus now

“They know Saturday’s not about them – it’s about honoring their grandfather’s memory and supporting their grandmother,” said a Royal insider. However, not the entire family will be present. Harry will be flying back to the United States shortly after the funeral processions at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle to be with his pregnant wife.

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