Duchess Kate: She talks to teenagers about corona worries

Duchess Kate
She talks to teenagers about corona worries

Duchess Kate takes care of the worries of teenagers in Corona times.

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Duchess Kate has published a video call in which she talks to a teenage girl about the coronavirus worries of adolescents.

After the big topic of vaccinations, the next important aspect of this corona pandemic is slowly but surely moving into focus: the worries and needs of young people. This is exactly what Duchess Kate (39) has taken on as part of the “Mental Health Awareness Week” in Great Britain. On the YouTube channel “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge” she released the recording of a phone call she made last fall with a mother and her teenage daughter Romy.

Romy is featured in the Duchess’ Hold Still: A Portrait Of Our Nation in 2020 photo book, which shows how the British have managed the pandemic. Romy’s photo was taken by her mother on her final exam day before graduation, which had to be virtual. “It’s so important that your mom really showed how much young people were affected by the lockdown and all the interruptions you had with work and school and everything. How was it for you and your friends?” Kate asks on the phone call. Romy talks about the last day of the exam.

“There’s no shame in talking about it”

Duchess Kate shows pity for her and the fact that she and her classmates have not been able to celebrate in the usual way or to mark the new chapter in life in any other way. “It is really important to tell the story of the young people,” said the wife of Prince William (38). Romy then admits, “To be honest, mental health wasn’t that good. People are more open about it because it’s so normal now that you have to struggle with it under these circumstances.”

Kate, who has made mental health support an important part of her royal work, encourages the teen: “Absolutely […] there’s no shame in talking about it. “Breaking that stigma and trying to start mental health conversations is exactly the goal.” It’s great to hear people are much more open about it, “says Kate.

During “Mental Health Awareness Week”, Prince William and Duchess Kate will have a number of other appointments in the West Midlands, England. This year’s theme is the crucial role nature can play in improving mental wellbeing.