Duchess Kate: The Queen is delighted with her photo show

The photo exhibition of Duchess Kate and the National Portrait Gallery "Hold Still" has opened – and Queen Elizabeth II is thrilled.

Duchess Kate (38) and the British National Portrait Gallery have opened the joint virtual photo exhibition "Hold Still". The 100 portraits that are supposed to document life in Corona times have been online since Monday (September 14th).

The wife (since 2011) of Prince William (38) selected them from more than 31,000 submissions that were submitted within six weeks. And as if that wasn't royal honor enough, Queen Elizabeth II (94) gives the photo show a very personal seal of approval. Because she was allowed to see some photos in advance last month.

"Inspirational Resilience"

"It was with great pleasure that I had the opportunity to go through a number of the portraits that made up the final 100 images for the 'Hold Still' photography project," the Queen is quoted in a letter posted on the Royal Family Instagram page has been published.

"It inspired the Duchess and I to see how the photographs captured the resilience of the British people at such a difficult time," she continues.

"The pictures are a unique record of our shared and individual experiences during this extraordinary period of history and convey humor and sadness, creativity and friendliness, tragedy and hope," the Queen sums up. "Best wishes and congratulations" go to all senders.