Dwayne Johnson: He donates a seven-figure sum to the union

Dwayne Johnson
He donates a seven-figure sum to the union

Dwayne Johnson shows solidarity with his colleagues in the actors’ strike.

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Mega donation: Action hero Dwayne Johnson has made a seven-figure sum available to the actors’ union.

Actor Dwayne Johnson (51) supports his fellow actors in the middle of the Hollywood strike with a donation in the millions. As the industry magazine “Variety” reported, he transferred a seven-figure sum to the union.

“Largest Single Donation”

Actors’ union SAG-AFTRA executive director Cyd Wilson said in an interview with Variety, “It’s the largest single donation we’ve ever received from one individual at a time.” With this, Johnson will help “thousands of actors” cover their living expenses during the strike. President Courtney B. Vance said, “I want to thank Dwayne for his tremendous generosity, compassion and initiative to serve our community in such a meaningful and meaningful way. On behalf of the thousands who will benefit from his historic donation: thank you, thank you, thank you.”

With his mega donation, the US star “sends a big message to other people to do the same”. It is not known exactly what amount the action hero made available. However, there is talk of a seven-digit sum, i.e. at least one million US dollars (around 900,000 euros).

“We need our top-class talents”

The SAG-AFTRA union called the strike on July 13. Since then, the actors have joined the writers’ strike. There are protests in Los Angeles and New York, and numerous film and television projects are on hold. When the strike began, the union leadership wrote letters to its top 2,700 members, calling for donations to support the actors who were left without income as a result of the strike.

Cyd Wilson further stated, “When we get into a crisis like this and spend millions and millions of dollars on financial assistance, we need our high caliber talent who can afford it and are able to help others”. In other words, the union is hoping for more Hollywood stars who will make part of their millions available.


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