Dzienus in the “early start”: “These are tough chunks with the FDP”

Dzienus in the “early start”
“These are tough chunks with the FDP”

How great is the desire of the new leaders of the Green Youth for a traffic light coalition? With a view to the possible partner FDP, it is in any case limited. Timon Dzienus accuses the party of “market belief”.

The new co-federal spokesman for the Green Youth, Timon Dzienus, has shown himself to be skeptical as to whether the traffic light explorations can really lead to success. There are significant differences, especially with the FDP.

“These are just tough chunks with the FDP, where the Greens and the SPD have to assert themselves in many places,” said Dzienus in the ntv early start. When asked whether a coalition with the FDP could lead to a loss of credibility for the Greens, Dzienus replied: “That can continue to happen. It will not be easy with the FDP in many places.”

The FDP will “put pressure on” in some areas, and the Greens and SPD should not “give in too much”, especially in the area of ​​climate and social policy. Dzienus accused the FDP of “believing in the market” when it came to climate and rents: “We see in many areas, for example in climate policy, that this will not work. That is why we are in the misery we are in.” Timon Dzienus and Sarah-Lee Heinrich were elected as the new federal spokesmen for the Green Youth on Saturday.

“Laschet scared off”

When asked why most of the first-time voters in Germany voted for the FDP, Dzienus said that much of the party was “caught up”, but on closer inspection one noticed that the FDP actually did not want to bring about any solutions.

Dzienus went on to say: “Now a lot of people were just rightly put off by Armin Laschet, they might otherwise have voted for the CDU and then voted for the FDP, which I definitely prefer.” The Green politician emphasized, however, that he would find it “absurd” if the FDP “let exploratory or coalition talks break again”. According to Dzienus, the traffic light is “the best option,” according to the election results.

“We are all in demand”

Dzienus defended his statements about FDP party leader Christian Lindner, whom he described as a “right-wing puke” in the course of the government crisis in Thuringia: “The statements themselves come with a view to the government crisis in Thuringia, and the FDP really screwed up on that . ”

Looking at the already deleted and sometimes repulsive tweets of his colleague Sarah-Lee Heinrich, who wrote them at the age of 14, Dzienus said: “It is useless to criticize the behavior of very, very young people and I believe that there we are all asked then. ”

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