Egan Bernal victim of a serious accident: the winner of the Tour de France operated on the spine

Cycling often reserves nasty surprises and the former winner of the Tour de France 2019 Egan Bernal is living proof. We all have in mind the terrible falls that can take place on the Tour de France, like last year with the story of the sign which resulted in the injury of several participants. This time, it was indeed alone that the 25-year-old Colombian experienced this terrible accident. While he was training last Monday in his country, he violently collided with a stationary bus.

As a result, chest trauma and femur and patella fractures for the cyclist who was quickly taken to hospital where he underwent spinal surgery. A very risky intervention but one that “carried out successfully” Sabana University Clinic said in a statement. Now in intensive care, Egan Bernal is resting, but obviously things are moving in the right direction since the clinic has indicated thathe “is conscious, with mobility in all four limbs”.

A relief for the relatives and fans of the Colombian cyclist who shows signs “a new advance in his post-operative evolution”. Things are progressing well and the news is reassuring since the intubation has been removed “without any complications” specifies the clinic in its press release, which adds that it presents “an excellent response to treatment”.

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