Ekaterina Leonova on her love life: “Many people think that I have a new boyfriend every week”

Ekaterina Leonova about her love life
“Many people think that I have a new friend every week”

© RTL / Boris Bushmin

Ekaterina Leonova (36) is one of the veterans and audience favorites of “Let’s Dance”. Interest in the professional dancer and her person has therefore steadily grown outside of the dance floor. In an interview with the “Bild” newspaper She now comments on the rumors surrounding her love life and relationships.

Ekaterina Leonova: “I don’t see myself as a dream woman”

“Many people think that I have a new boyfriend every week,” explains the star of the RTL dance show (also on RTL+). That doesn’t correspond to reality, “because I’m very conservative,” emphasizes Leonova. She also has male friends with whom she just gets along well. “If I invite a man to my house, it doesn’t mean we have something going on.”

When it comes to a potential partner, the dancer explains that it “just has to click” and that humor and honesty are important to her. “I prefer to tell the truth straight to your face, even if it sometimes hurts. I prefer that to a sweet lie.” In addition, inner values ​​are more important to her than external appearances. “Today I may be sexy and pretty, but at some point this beauty will fade. I don’t want people to see me as a beautiful doll, but as a person with inner values.”

She doesn’t see herself as a dream woman, “I would rather describe myself as a trauma woman,” explains Leonova. However, she has a sense of humor and with her it will at least be funny.” Overall, there aren’t many people in her life “who really know me. Most people only see what I look like on the outside.”

This year’s opening show “Let’s Dance – Who dances with whom? The big get-to-know-you show” will be shown on RTL on February 23rd at 8:15 p.m. Leonova, who can currently also be seen as a “Supertalent” juror, is taking part in “Let’s Dance” as a professional dancer for the tenth time and is considered with three “Dancing Stars” to date – Gil Ofarim (2017), Ingolf Lück (2018) and Pascal Hens (2019) – as the most successful dance professional.


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