Electronic Arts shuts down Apex Legends Mobile, cancels Battlefield Mobile and closes Industrial Toys

The postponement of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor wasn’t the only bad news thatElectronic Arts had to share last night. He also formalized a big stop for his video games on iOS and Android. Already, it has been decided to end the adventure Apex Legends Mobilestarted in May 2022 and which will end on May 1, 2023 with the closure of the servers.

Credits invested in the game cannot be refunded, so try to use them by then. You can get more details about the end ofApex Legends Mobile on the official site.

We have made the painful decision to end Apex Legends Mobile.

This decision does not come easily. Factors beyond our control have prevented us from maintaining the high-quality experience and content that our players deserve.

As a result, the game will end on May 1, 2023 at 4:00 PM PT, after which it will no longer be playable.

Our gratitude to our players and teams for joining us on Apex Legends Mobile, even if only for a short time, is endless. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

The strategy ofEA towards mobiles has obviously totally changed, because it has also decided to stop the development of Battlefield Mobile altogether. The project currently available in early access for testing in certain territories will not go further. The publisher explained that it had made this decision to better focus on the future of the franchise on other platforms, and also on the future of Battlefield 2042.

We have also made the decision to discontinue development of the current Battlefield mobile title. As the industry evolved and our strategy to create a deeply connected Battlefield ecosystem took shape, we decided to pivot from the current direction to better realize our vision for the franchise and meet the expectations of our customers. players. We remain very committed to unlocking the enormous potential of Battlefield. We are hard at work evolving Battlefield 2042 and are in pre-production of our future Battlefield experiences in our studios around the world.

But if Respawn Entertainment and its partners Tencent and Lightspeed should survive the shutdownApex Legends Mobilethis will not be the caseIndustrial Toyslead developer of Battlefield Mobile. The studio acquired in 2018 will close, and even if the situation is not clear, we can hope thatElectronic Arts has provided replacement solutions for these employees.

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