Elisabeth Borne scolded for vaping in the National Assembly: “It’s total contempt!” : Current Woman Le MAG

Élisabeth Borne sticks to her electronic cigarette, even if its use is prohibited in the hemicycle of the National Assembly. This Wednesday, November 29, 2023, the Prime Minister was reprimanded in the middle of the session by the Insoumise MP Caroline Fiat, who criticized her for using her vape. “Here, we write the law, we are not above the law! Vaping in this chamber, while I am speaking to you, is total contempt. And it is not good for your health”castigated the elected LFI in full intervention before the parliamentarians, recalling that the government had just presented its anti-smoking plan, prohibiting smoking on beaches or near public buildings. A sequence broadcast on X (ex-Twitter) the next day which caused a lot of reaction, because it is not the first time that the head of government has been accused of having puffed on an electronic cigarette in front of deputies, but also in the Senate or during public meetings .

What does Élisabeth Borne risk for having used her vape in the National Assembly?

No one is supposed to be above the law, not even Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne. People caught smoking or vaping in the hemicycle of the Palais Bourbon or the Palais de Luxembourg, but also in public transport, schools or any other “closed and covered workplaces for collective use”, are exposed to a fine of 68 euros which can reach 150 euros. Since her arrival in Matignon, the former Minister of Transport has been questioned several times for her bad habits with her precious vapette, an accessory used by many former smokers to do without cigarettes. Elected officials have already spoken publicly about this behavior in public, which they consider disrespectful to the function of state. “And to think that it’s the Insoumis who are being taught lessons in self-preservation. The Prime Minister has an electronic cigarette on her cheek in the middle of a session on the motion of censure. She smokes discreetly in the middle of a session? Is that polite and respectful of Parliament?”had denounced Antoine Léaument, LFI deputy, on June 12, 2023 on Xthen in the middle of voting on a motion of censure by the Nupes against the government.

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