Emilie (Married at first sight) as a couple? His assessment six months after the shooting

Whether Married at first sight 2022 allowed Alicia and Bruno and Pauline and Damien to find love, it was not the same for Emily (former real estate negotiator, 34 years old) and Frédérick (real estate agent, 40 years old). Everything had however started so well between the two candidates compatible at 84% (the highest rate of the season). But multiple arguments broke their marriage. Has Lina’s (1 year old) mother found love since?

The brunette beauty was a guest on the web show of Entertainment TV At Jorda’sn in order to return to his experience in the issuance of M6 but also to say more about his current love life. Emilie has indeed agreed to reveal if currently she was in a relationship or single. The opportunity to discover that she has been approached by men since her divorce. “But of people to whom I left the chance, no, she quickly clarified. The young woman is therefore still single, although her admirers are numerous. But, if she appreciates being courted, she never wanted to go further. “Already because I had really had feelings for Frédérick, so I still had a time, because I wasn’t too ready. And then even, to see the show again, it really upset me. It wasn’t easy“, she justified herself.

Emilie could however fall for one of the men who sends her messages since all have “a very respectful approach“.”And that is touching“, she concluded. In the meantime, she is therefore taking advantage of her daughter Lina, whom she is raising alone. Her father indeed left her when she was four months pregnant. had announced that their baby could be carrying a disease, a situation that the dad did not support, so he left overnight. A subject on which the single mother confided on many occasions. “For me, he is not Lina’s father, but only a sire. He’s a big coward who hides because he would be too afraid to pay child support“, she said in particular last May on Instagram. On the social network, she had also revealed that, in the past, she had already been married.

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