Emilie reveals her salary as an influencer (and it’s less than we think)

Revealed in the show Married at First Sight, Emilie has since embraced a small career on social networks. But this brings him significantly less than his career in real estate.

Is the salary of an influencer really a dream? In season 6 of Married at first sight, M6 viewers discovered Emilie, a young single mother who science quickly found compatible with Frédérick. Unfortunately, after a catastrophic honeymoon in Prague, the couple fell apart. They say that there is only one step between love and hate: a scenario that echoes the adventure of the two former candidates who ended up waging a real war on social networks after their breakup .

A situation which greatly affected the mother, so much so that she finally decided to file a complaint against her ex-husband. “I’m not saying he’s a violent man, but he impressed me. I didn’t even feel like confronting him because it was too quick, too fast. And what’s more, under my own roof, he denigrated me a lot in my role as a mother”she confided on the set of the show In complete privacy, broadcast on June 17 on YouTube. From now on, Emilie is trying to turn the page, in particular by increasing her interventions on social networks. And Saturday October 21, she was on the set of JOBAlbert Batihe’s show on C8, in which she gave some advice to Loïc, a thirty-year-old who wants to become a real estate agent.

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“I earn ten times less”

A career that the young mother led for several years, before becoming today a content creator and influencer followed on Instagram by more than 100,000 people. However, she admits to having suffered the drastic loss of salary since she no longer worked in real estate. “Often, people think that by doing a bit of reality TV or being an influencer, you earn a very good living… For my part, I earn ten times less than in real estate”, she revealed. Piqued by curiosity, the presenter of the show then asked him how much his salary was at the time. “It’s honest, people don’t necessarily believe it, but I have the salary slips… More than 25,000 euros per month, it could go that far”, she clarified. An impressive loss of salary which, however, does not seem to slow her down in her new career.

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