Emilien hired in “12 coups de midi”? The funny proposal from Jean-Luc Reichmann: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

A true fan favorite, Émilien has become, at 21, one of the most essential figures of 12 shots of noon, alongside Jean-Luc Reichmann. It must be said that the young history student is full of surprises and has been able, from show to show since his arrival on September 23, 2023, to retain his title of Master of Midday. A real success which he obviously owes to his talent and his knowledge, but also to those close to him, now well known to Jean-Luc Reichmann, who pushed him to register. His girlfriend Jessica, to whom he also made an adorable declaration for Valentine’s Day, is one of his first supporters and does not hesitate to come on set as soon as she can. Thanks to this support and his perseverance, Émilien has to this day among the 10 greatest champions of the game, with a prize pool of around 630,823 euros and an almost record number of participations (144).

Émilien soon to be hired in Jean-Luc Reichmann’s team?

If the young student is today aiming for first place on the podium of 12 shots of noon, it will still take many efforts to climb there. It is currently occupied by the record holder Bruno, with 252 participations and a prize pool of 1,026,107 euros. Figures which do not seem to scare Émilien, who, again on Friday February 16, 2024, impressed the entire audience, as well as Jean-Luc Reichmann, with his knowledge. While a map is shown in the show as Niger, it turns out to be, in reality, a map of Nigeria. A production error that Emilien did not fail to point out, and which pushed the host to make him a strange proposition.Once you lose your job as Midday Master, maybe we can buy you back to come work with us. There is an author called Pierre-Marie, he was the first great Master of Midi, and he still works with us”, declares Jean-Luc Reichmann. A proposal that does not seem to displease Émilien, who still suggests no longer being in the game to join the team.

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