Emmanuel Macron: his secrets on the reaction of his parents when he got into a relationship with Brigitte

Invited to the Rencontres du Papotin, Emmanuel Macron made tender confidences about his relationship with Brigitte. The President of the Republic also remembered the astonished reaction of his parents at the start of their romance.

A countercurrent interview. Roaming the exercise of the political interview, Emmanuel Macron was surprised and turned upside down this Saturday, January 7. The President of the Republic agreed to participate in the Papotin Meetings, during which he was interviewed by non-professional journalists with autism spectrum disorder. And all the subjects are there, even the most intimate, like that of money. But that’s not all ! The journalists also wanted to know more about his love affair with Brigitte Macron, whom he met at La Providence high school in Amiens when he was a student and she, a teacher. “love, you don’t choose so much. I think it falls on you and so there is nothing impossible”first entrusted the President of the Republic.

“It is not written that it has to be a person like you, who is the same age as you, who lives in the same place as you. It is something which is stronger than you and which exceeds you”, he added, referring to his age difference with Brigitte Macron. On this subject, moreover, a journalist wanted to know the reaction of the parents of Emmanuel Macron when he announced to them that he had started a relationship with the one who was then his teacher. As revealed by the Head of State, Fran├žoise and Jean-Michel Macron have “misperceived” this birth idyll. “For your children, you imagine a pattern of life that is yours. When it’s something that’s not your pattern, you’re not necessarily comfortable. It redoubled my desire to continue my way”joked the President of the Republic on France 2.

Emmanuel Macron: Brigitte “wasn’t really my teacher”

And the relationship of Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron was of great interest to the journalists of Papotin. “He is the President, he must lead by example and not marry his teacher”launched a participant in particular, a little embarrassed by this very direct question. “When you’re in love, you don’t chooserepeated Emmanuel Macron. It’s not good, do you think? She wasn’t really my teacher. She was my drama teacher. It doesn’t count the same.” Like him, Brigitte Macron had made pretty secrets about their relationship but also about the criticisms suffered at the start. “I know I hurt my children, and that’s the thing I blame myself for the most.confided the First Lady in the columns of ELLE a few years ago. But I couldn’t help it. There are times in your life when you make vital choices.”

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