Emmanuel Macron in Pau: a cultural visit against the backdrop of pension reform

Alexandre Chauveau, edited by Yanis Darras

Emmanuel Macron was in Pau this Friday with the Minister of Culture Rima Abdul Malak and the mayor of the city, François Bayrou. A cultural visit, marked by the last words of the High Commissioner for Planning on the pension reform desired by the President of the Republic.

Officially, Emmanuel Macron went to Pau this Friday to inaugurate a cultural center in place of the old halls. But the President of the Republic is overtaken by the words of François Bayrou on the pension reform. The High Commissioner for Planning recently expressed his opposition to a forced passage of the pension reform, desired by the President of the Republic.

“Indisputable democratic project”

But in Pau in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, the two men did not show the shadow of a disagreement. Tap on the shoulder and the arm, complicit smiles… The warmth was in order between Emmanuel Macron and François Bayrou. “There has never been a quarrel”, confides the mayor of Pau in private, visibly satisfied with the three-month period granted by the president to discuss the pension reform. “I always thought that my thesis would prevail because it corresponds to an indisputable democratic project”, he confides proudly.

Five moves in five years

François Bayrou and Emmanuel Macron then displayed their friendship on the stage of the brand new concert hall. “Do you always breeze by? I was never able to show you the halls, which is a scandal, isn’t it? I was never able to show you the School of Arts. I have never been able to show you the museum as we have rehabilitated it. And so, when you come back, I will show you all these achievements, “said the president of the MoDem on stage.

The two men then attended together, side by side, the symphony of the “New World” by Dvorak, played by the Orchester de Pau. Conclusion in music of this new trip of the president to Pau land, the fifth in five years.

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