Ends prematurely: Last chance for 30 GB Allnet Flat in the Vodafone network for 9.99 euros


In the case of Crash, for example, there should be a 30 GB all-network flat rate in the Vodafone network until Sunday evening. But now the provider is pulling the emergency brake and ending the campaign on Saturday afternoon.

Crash kicks off Black Friday with cheap mobile phone deals.

At Crash there have been many tariffs with a large discount for a few days. From our point of view, the top deal is the offer for the “Crash! 30 GB Allnet Flat” tariff.

This includes, as the name already suggests, an all-network flat rate with 30 gigabytes of data volume. The tariff is implemented in the Vodafone network. The maximum speed is 50 Mbit/s. Crash normally charges 24.99 euros for the tariff. On Cyber ​​Monday you pay less than half:

This deal was actually supposed to run until Sunday evening – a special feature, because for many other brands and providers the high deal season had already ended with Cyber ​​Monday. But now Crash is surprisingly shortening the duration of the offer – the last orders will now be accepted on Saturday, December 3rd, at lunchtime.

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  • Vodafone network

  • 30 gigabytes of unrestricted data volume with up to 50 Mbit/s

  • Allnet-Flat: Unlimited calls and SMS in all German networks

  • Flexible contract start is possible

  • Without connection fee

Crash offers you 30 gigabytes of data volume with up to 50 Mbit per second and Allnet-Flat in the Vodafone network for 9.99 euros per month. This makes the provider significantly cheaper than many other competitors on the market. In addition, there is an all-network flat rate for telephony and SMS in all German networks and the fixed network. EU roaming is included, as is WiFi calling and VoLTE.

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More top deals at Crash

Do you need more or less data volume? In addition to this top deal, Crash has reduced the price of other all-network flat rates:

NETZWELT may receive a commission from the retailer for links on this site. More info.

NETZWELT may receive a commission from the retailer for links on this site. More info.

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Who is Crash?

Crash is a young brand from Klarmobil that wants to stand out from the crowd of mobile phone providers with a very positive price-performance ratio. Crash customers benefit from the very good coverage of the Vodafone D network. In it you can surf the mobile Internet in all crash tariffs at up to 50 Mbit per second in the best LTE quality.

Thanks to the all-network flat rate, you can also make unlimited calls and text messages to all German mobile networks and the German landline network. Within the EU, you can use your crash tariff as usual and, thanks to EU roaming, enjoy fast internet and telephony at no additional cost. Outside the EU, additional costs may apply, which you can read about on the Klarmobil page.

The tariffs include a minimum contract term of at least 24 months. A connection fee is not due. After the end of the contract period, the contract continues with the same services. The monthly costs then rise to the regular tariff prices.

at crash read all the information about the tariffs*


In the case of the 15 GB tariff, 19.99 euros are due from the 25th month, in the 30 GB tariff 24.99 euros and in the 40 GB tariff 29.99 euros. If you want to avoid this, you have to give notice in good time. All further information can be found on the official website under the following link.

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Crash offers a lot of performance at a low price in the tariffs it offers. Other providers in the D-Netz, such as Congstar or Otelo, cannot keep up with the data volume at this price point. If you are currently looking for a new cell phone contract with a very good price-performance ratio, Crash could be a good choice for you.

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