England: 61-year-old girl bites off her nose at a drinking party

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61-year-old British woman bites off her friend’s nose at a drinking party

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A 61-year-old English woman bit off her friend’s nose under the influence of alcohol. Now she has to go to a men’s prison because she is officially considered a man.

In Birmingham, two women met for an evening with a lot of alcohol – in the end there was a big argument in which one of the participants bit off the other’s nose. The two had met in the apartment of one of the women, reports the “Birmingham Mail” about the case from last year.

Now it came to the trial. In the course of the argument, the later victim is said to have given the perpetrator a headbutt, after which she bit off the nose of her acquaintance. The 61-year-old perpetrator used “considerable force”, quoted the Birmingham Mail from the court hearing. This was followed by the judge who spoke of an “unjustified, aggressive act of violence”.

Four years imprisonment for bite attack

The victim had to suffer “unbearable pain”, he stated in the verdict. The attacked woman had previously testified that she could no longer leave the house after the attack and that her life had been “destroyed” as a result. In a surgical procedure, her skin flap was transplanted from her forehead to her face. The woman is still being treated and further operations will most likely be necessary. She also uses the help of a psychologist.

The court imposed a four-year prison sentence for the perpetrator. She pleaded guilty in court and has already started her prison sentence. The 61-year-old was born a man, but has lived as a woman for some time. Since this sex reassignment has not yet been fully completed and has not yet been officially recognized by the authorities, she was initially placed in a prison for men. Her request to be transferred to a women’s prison has yet to be decided.

Source: “Birmingham Mail”

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