Enter the Gungeon and Exit the Gungeon: a physical edition with the 2 games announced on PS4 and Switch

Dodge Roll made a good reputation with Enter the Gungeon then his spin off, Exit the Gungeontwo titles gameplay different, but which take players through dungeons and then elevators. Well, these two titles will be united in a single physical edition on consoles.

Dodge Roll and Developer Digital have just revealed a bundle bringing together Enter the Gungeon and Exit the Gungeon, in the same box on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Players will thus find the main games, but also their updates, namely A Farewell To Arms and Advanced Gungeons and Draguns for the first, and Hello To Arms for the second. Here is a small presentation of each game:

Enter the Gungeon is a dungeon crawler game where a horde of adventurers shoot, loot, dodge and move heaven and earth in the hope of finding redemption. Everyone dreams of getting their hands on the legendary hidden treasure of the Gungeon: the Weapon that can kill the Past.

Choose a hero and fight your way to the depths of the Gungeon by exploring all its stages (evolving and increasingly difficult) where the adorable Zombarmes keep watch and frightening bosses armed to the teeth. Scavenge loot, uncover well-hidden secrets, and negotiate with dubious merchants to enrich your weaponry and keep hope alive for ultimate victory.

Exit the Gungeon is a decidedly explosive dungeon-climbing action-arcade game. Hostilities take place right after the adventures of the outlandish, but fiercely determined Gungeonniers to do battle with a series of increasingly perilous elevators and countless waves of cantankerous enemies.

The release date of the pack with Enter the Gungeon and Exit the Gungeon is set for April 21, 2023 on PS4 and Switch, Just for Games will take care of the distribution with us, pre-orders will be launched soon. Otherwise, you can fall for the two titles on the digital stores with cards NHP on Amazon.

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