Epidemiologist turns to public at party after vaccination breakthroughs

Allan Massie is an epidemiologist and biomedical researcher at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland. The scientist thinks he knows about the coronavirus. He got himself fully vaccinated months ago. Massie recently attended a party. The total of 15 partygoers made sure in advance that everyone was vaccinated. Five days later, Massie developed Covid symptoms. He went to the doctor: “That shouldn’t happen,” he wrote afterwards in a field report in the local “Baltimore Sun”. “I’ve been fully vaccinated for months.”

Massie takes his experience as an opportunity to warn others. He thought he was immune. The hostess felt nauseous the day after the party and tested positive for the virus. Massie wasn’t worried: “I figured I’d stay home and isolate myself from my family for a few days and that’s it. And even that seemed too much of a good thing to me. ” Then he heard that other people at the party got sick. Then a few more: “11 of the 15 people have now tested positive for Covid.”