Erectile dysfunction: these new treatments to treat this disorder in men

Louise Garcia / Photo credits: Sina Schuldt / DPA / dpa Picture-Alliance via AFP

Nearly 60% of men have already experienced erection problems according to an Ifop survey, but less than a quarter of them seek treatment for these problems. Although there is still a taboo on this subject, everyone can be confronted with it at some point, and more and more young people are. Alongside the famous Viagra, new treatments are being developed.

A gel to apply before intercourse, botulinum toxin injections every six months or even shock waves administered directly to the penis… While the taboo of erectile dysfunction in men continues to exist, new techniques to treat these disorders are increasing. “These are treatments reserved for men who have already used the tablets and for whom these medications are ineffective,” specifies Doctor Catherine Solano, doctor and sexologist.

Painless and effective techniques

Developed over the past few years, these techniques are painless and have already proven their effectiveness. A regenerative medical treatment is also offered: platelet-rich plasma injections. “We take a blood sample from the patient. So we have a tube of blood, and we place it in a centrifuge, that is to say a machine that spins at full speed,” explains Catherine Solano. “This will separate the red blood cells and the plasma which contains the platelets which we will reinject into the penis, because platelets are made for tissue regeneration. It improves circulation and gives a healing effect. improvement of erection.”

Chronic diseases and excess weight, risk factors

Cases of erectile dysfunction often occur in men who already have health problems. “All chronic illnesses can trigger and promote erection problems, and cardiovascular pathologies even more so,” notes André Corman, sexologist andrologist. “They cause a reduction in the elasticity of the cavernous sponge, that is to say in the ability of the muscle fiber to relax or contract, and therefore there will be an erection which does not last more. Overweight and obesity are also major risk factors, as are stress or poor diet,” adds the doctor.

The treatments offered are therefore all the more effective when combined with a healthy lifestyle: playing sports, having a regular sleep schedule and stopping smoking. All of these measures can help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

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