Éric Zemmour: what are his plans in the event of a presidential failure?

He could be elected President of the Republic next April. But in case of failure, Eric Zemmour, candidate of La Reconquête, has already anticipated the rest of his professional career.

If Éric Zemmour does not win the presidential election, the leader of the Reconquest do not intend to stop politics for all that. In his greetings to the press, on January 10, the former Figaro columnist promised journalists to release them from their “intellectual slavery”, calling them“most unloved men and women in France”. To believe these words so not very warm, Éric Zemmour does not intend to set foot in an editorial office.

If he is not elected President of the Republic next April, the candidate of La Reconquête has another project in mind. According to L’Opinion, Eric Zemmour plans to be candidate for legislative elections, even if he has not yet determined a constituency to conquer. “One hedge after another”, he says. But in his camp, some would target Île-de-France, according to our colleagues. “What if he’s not leading the troops next June?”, asked one of his relatives recently. But if Éric Zemmour does not present in the legislative elections, some members of La Reconquête would see the new party recruit, Guillaume Peltier, deputy of Loir-et-Cher and former number 2 of the Republicans, to take his place. Among the other names which circulate in the Zemmourian camp, that of Marion Marshal, the niece of Marine Le Pen.

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© Pierre Perusseau / BestimageEric Zemmour, presidential candidate, presents his greetings to the press and the first theme of his program at his campaign HQ in Paris, January 10, 2022.

Éric Zemmour still far from 500 sponsorships

Eric Zemmour would he already consider the legislative for fear of not being able to run for president? On January 6, on the airwaves of Europe 1, the candidate for the Reconquest announced its difficulties in collecting the required 500 sponsorships, assuring to have obtained 300 promises from elected officials. On December 21, he even had spear a cry for help in a video in which he asked mayors to support him. A first hand seems to have been extended to him. To believe the revelations of Release, in his newsletter “Chez Pol” of January 10, Emmanuel Macron rescued candidate Éric Zemmour.

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