Erold: In Nice, a giant packet of cigarettes, the work of the visual artist Toolate, denounces the pollution of cigarette butts

The work of art sits on the Promenade des Anglais. This is the new rant of the street artist from Nice.

In this summer period, there are many people on the “Prom”. And the work is so imposing that it cannot be ignored. So, the curious approach and discover inside the XXL cigarette packet, in the colors of a famous American brand, thousands of cigarette butts. 10,000 to be precise.

On this new Toolate creation is written “Here is the work of a bunch of big idiots”. The cigarette butts were picked up by the Nice Plogging collective, which regularly organizes waste collection operations in the city.

“Against human bullshit”

Exasperated to see so many cigarette butts thrown on the ground or on the shores of beaches, Toolate does not go hand in hand with the incivility of certain smokers. “This work is above all a rant against human bullshit” he explains by email to our colleagues from France 3 Côte d’Azur. Because Toolate prefers to remain anonymous and does not grant an interview. “Throwing away your cigarette butt is not just a question of clean beaches, it goes further than that: between the pollution of the oceans, the fires that it can cause…” he writes. “People who smoke are within their rights…

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