Ethereum: after the Sepolia testnet, direction Goerli

One more step towards ETH withdrawal – The evolution ofEthereum is closely followed by the entire crypto ecosystem which is eagerly awaiting, and sometimes a little worried, each new network update. After The Merge and the passage in proof of stake last September, place now at Shanghai. This update should allow validators to recover their tokens hitherto blocked on the chain. But before embarking on the main channel, various testnets are put to the test. After sepoliaplace to Goerly. Small technical step point.

Shanghai and Capella updates active on the Sepolia testnet

On February 28 at night, at exactly 4:04 UTC the update Shanghai Capella was launched on the testnet sepolia. This double update, also called shapellaby contraction of the two names, will make it possible to test the withdrawal of staked ETH, among other features.

According to the first information relayed by the specialists, everything went well! The community Ethereum welcomed this event on social networks.

A DevOps from the Ethereum Foundation welcomes the update – source: Twitter

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After the last Goerli testnet, it will be on the Ethereum mainnet

After Sepolia, there is now one final test before triggering the final operation on the mainnet. It will be done on the testnet named Goerli. This one incidentally which gave rise to a funny speculation in recent days.

For information, according to data from Dune, more than 17 million ETH are currently blocked by validators. This represents almost 30 billion dollars.

Ethereum users and the entire crypto community are eagerly waiting to see how the price of ETH will react to all of this. Are we going to witness a gigantic sale that will plunge the price? Answer to come in the next few weeks, but in the meantime the battle of the layers-2 is raging between Arbitrum and Optimism which has just announced a partnership with Coinbase.

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