European Super Cup: how does semi-automatic offside detection work?

Romain Collet-Gaudin, edited by Gauthier Delomez

Real Madrid and Eintracht Frankfurt contest the European Super Cup on Wednesday evening at 9 p.m. On this occasion, a new technology will be tested for the first time: semi-automatic offside detection. A tool that deciphers on Europe 1 the former referee Philippe Malige, shared on his arrival.

A new technology to facilitate the detection of offsides. On Wednesday evening, for the European Super Cup final between Real Madrid and Eintracht Frankfurt, the referees will experiment with a new tool, semi-automatic offside detection. A great novelty which must also be put in place for the next World Cup in Qatar. Europe 1 details how this tool works before the final, which kicks off at 9 p.m.

Using specialized cameras, semi-automatic detection tracks up to 29 body points per player. This technology simultaneously determines the position of the ball and the men on the field. A sensor is also placed in the center of the ball: it will send data to the viewing room 500 times per second, which makes it possible to determine when the ball is played and this much more precisely than the human eye could. .

Why this device is not unanimous

But this revolutionary device is not unanimous with the referees. Asked by Europe 1, Philippe Malige, who has worked in Ligue 1, is rather divided. “There are two ways of looking at it: the first is that it’s yet another technical means of avoiding mistakes. It’s going to be a bit like VAR,” he explains, “for avoid that matches are played precisely on bad interpretations, a bad decision of arbitration.

The other way to see the arrival of this technology is that “it still kills the human aspect, it dehumanizes football”, thunders the former referee. Semi-automatic offside detection was in the test phase during the last Women’s Euro. It is used this Wednesday evening for the final of the European Supercup, then then during this Champions League season and therefore, during the World Cup.

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