EXCLUDED. Babette de Rozières: “Behind the crooked smile of Valérie Pécresse hides a real tyrant”

During an exclusive interview with Closer, Babette de Rozières did not hesitate to talk politics and target Valérie Pécresse.

Host and cook Babette de Rozières recently interviewed with the journalists of Closer to talk in particular about the release of his book entitled The hidden face of politics in Ile-de-France. In this book, she launches frontal attacks against Valérie Pécresseattacks of which she does not fear the consequences. “There is nothing defamatory, because everything that is written is true and I can prove every event related” she assured. After several years of working alongside the president of the Ile-de-France regional council, it was in March 2022 that Babette de Rozières decided to cut the link.

A decision that she does not regret and which had been carefully considered before as she explained. “Some people think that I acted on a whim! It’s totally false. Behind this little crooked smile to which we would give the good Lord without confession hides a real tyrant! A real head tracker. Valérie shoots everything what moves. His absolute weapon is lies and threats” said Babette de Rozières who also returned to what provoked her anger towards Valérie Pécresse.

Babette de Rozières: “She only betrayed me”

“She has only betrayed me since the day I agreed to join her for her regional campaign in 2015” she explained, before adding: “She had promised me a role in the vice-presidency in charge of gastronomy, but she gave me a bogus position: special delegate in charge of the major project of the Cité de la gastronomie. A title that was actually “just an empty shell” according to Babette de Rozières, who decided in her book of recount all the betrayals and affronts suffered over the days. The hidden face of politics in Ile-de-France was published last April by Éditions Orphie.

Contacted by Closer, neither Valérie Pécresse nor her entourage wished to react to the words of Babette de Rozières. According to an elected representative of the regional majority of Ile-de-France to which she belonged until March 2022, the stories of the chef are “a calumnious fabrication”.

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