EXCLUDED VIDEO – Anne Roumanoff her unfiltered confidences about her physique

It is with her usual good humor that Anne Roumanoffwho for once is not wearing a red outfit, answers Bernard Montiel’s questions in the show 1 hour with…broadcast on RFM this Sunday, November 26 – not afraid to tackle the most delicate subjects! Indeed, the comedian acclaimed by the French, who is the neighbor of a former minister, has often been the victim of cruel criticism about her physique. Fortunately, this was not enough to destabilize the fifty-year-old who recently divorced. At the question “Do you think you are beautiful?”she responds with a smile, but also a certain shyness: “Yes, at times, yes.”

Deadpan, Bernard Montiel immediately took the opportunity to gently tease her, asking her: “When, morning, evening?” Hilariously, Anne Roumanoff clarifies her thoughts: “Not in life! But sometimes, when I have good makeup, for TV shows, good hair, yes, I can think I’m pretty.” A touching confession from the woman who went so far as to undergo cosmetic surgery to feel better about herself – a procedure that she doesn’t recommend to anyone! However, the sympathetic comedian’s response seems to somewhat destabilize Bernard Montiel, who then retorts: “But still happy, finally!”

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“I love and approve of myself!”

Anne Roumanoff then takes the opportunity to send a message to all those who, like her, may have complexes. With emotion, she explains to Bernard Montiel: “No, but it took a long time… Do you believe that all people love each other and have confidence in themselves?” The host having admitted that, in fact, this was far from being the case, the one who stands up against sexism further confides: “Besides, I’m doing a sketch about it where […] I explain to people that before loving others, you must love yourself.” so I tell people:Give yourself a hug and say: I love and approve of myself!'” The full interview with Anne Roumanoff by Bernard Montiel in 1 hour with… can be listened to this Sunday, December 3, on RFM, from 12 p.m.

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