EXCLUSIVE VIDEO – “He called us into his office”: Philippe Lellouche, his touching confidences about his father

This Sunday, December 3 on France 2, Philippe Lellouche will be alongside Cyril Féraud and of Catherine Lara for the testimonial program of France 2. They will take part in the game of questions – sometimes intimate – from Frédéric Lopez, for a meeting marked by spontaneity and revelations. Among the guests, the older brother of Gilles Lellouche will look back on his childhood, as he has just embarked on his very first solo performance at the Théâtre de la Madeleine, in Paris. On the set of the country show on the second channel, the host wanted to look back on the memories of the man who has eighteen plays to his credit.

“My father […] was very worried because he had two sons who wanted to be acrobats”he immediately blurted out to Frédéric Lopez, before saying: “Regularly, he called us into his office to explain to us that it was better for us to return to La Poste […]. One day he told us ‘at La Poste, they are recruiting general receivers, you are going to take the exam’and here I can’t laugh because my father can give me a pie even at 25 […].’ You’re going to do that, otherwise you’re going to end up tramps,’ and my mother came to save us every time, he was helpless.” If the anecdote caused some amused laughter on the set, the actor did not stop there.

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“There were posters of us all over his office”

He looked back on the day when he saw the first traces of pride and recognition in his father’s eyes, an unforgettable moment for him. “I win a few rounds at the Game of Truth, my brother starts to do well in the cinema and we say to ourselves ‘hey, we’re going to invite dad to Las Vegas’, and my brother receives a phone call, two days after ‘we have arrived, because he is nominated for the César for Most Promising Actor for the film Do not tell anyone. And I see all the pride in my father’s eyes, we are overjoyed, it’s a dream. Two days later, I received Molière’s nomination for best comic play for The Truth Game. And there, I saw my father looking at us and saying to himself: ‘I made two UFOs and it worked. ‘Fortunately, because he died four, five years later. When it worked, there were posters of us all over his office, he was super proud.”he confided, not without emotion. An indelible journey, including the actor will definitely always remember.

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