Expanded energy check, increasing life insurance… The 3 money news of the day

A welcome simplification for tax declaration, a remarkable increase in the rates of euro funds in life insurance and an additional boost for a million tenants with the energy check… Here are the 3 essential pieces of information for your money this Tuesday 19 March 2024.

Check energy: are you one of the million new readers?

The 2024 energy check, this aid intended to reduce the burden of heating costs for low-income households, will be sent between April 2 and May 15, depending on your department of residence. If its amount (48,277 depending on the case) is stable despite inflation, the number of beneficiaries will increase, thanks to a recent regulatory change which concerns a million households. Are you one of the new readers? Here is your answer.

Everything you need to know about the Energy Check

Income declaration: the IFU to the rescue

Scheduled for mid-April, the income tax declaration period is often a source of stress. So, any help to complete this chore is welcome. This is the objective of theIFU, or single tax form. A document, sent each year by your bank, which summarizes all the taxable income generated by your investments (bank accounts, bonds, life insurance, etc.). Here’s everything you need to know about the IFU.

2024 taxes: find out in advance how much you will have to pay

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