Explosive investigations – The Inspector as a drug dealer in the Darknet

Investigations in “our own stable”: Sensitive investigations have been underway against an inspector from Upper Austria for seven months – the “Krone” knows details about the suspended officer’s alleged drug offenses and why he could have gotten into this quagmire in the first place.

“Do it, Mr. Inspector, there was nothing wrong with that. Oiso losen S’ mi in Ruah, I dat’s jo know waunn’s so is” – based on the hit by Seiler and Speer, a police officer from Upper Austria, who has been suspended for seven months, remains silent about serious allegations made by investigators and the public prosecutor The Vöcklabruck district is said to have bought party drugs, more precisely amphetamines – better known as speed or pep -, used them themselves and also passed them on. There is talk of around a kilo of addictive substances. “It is an amount that exceeds the limit,” confirms Christoph Weber from the Wels public prosecutor’s office in the investigation against the officer and his partner. The limit for amphetamine is ten grams of pure substance. The penalty range: up to five years in prison. If it turns out that the limit amount exceeds 15 times, the penalty increases to ten years in prison and, if the amount is 25 times higher, even to 15 years in prison. The police officer’s colleagues were involved in investigations on the Darknet, where they were following up on illegal drug orders Found the couple in February. The state police department reacted and suspended the officer in mid-February, and he was also temporarily arrested. As investigations by the State Criminal Police Office of Upper Austria revealed, the inspector had slipped into the drug swamp through the bodybuilding scene. In strength training circles, amphetamines are said to be used for forbidden stimulation and for more strength. Official is threatened with loss of job and pension. During interviews, his partner stated that the substance had been ordered illegally for personal consumption since 2018. Whether and how much was dealt is now the subject of meticulous investigations. The disciplinary authority is also informed about the sensitive case. Because an unconditional conviction of more than six months or a conditional conviction of more than a year threatens to lose both office and pension. The Vöcklabruck lawyer Andreas Meißner confirms to the “Krone” the suspicion against the police officer, for whom the presumption of innocence applies: “The investigation is ongoing Running, but currently no statement can be made on this case due to the completely open outcome of the investigation.”
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