Fabrice Leggeri, number 3 on the RN list in the European elections, targeted by a complaint filed by two NGOs

The Human Rights League (LDH) and the migrant aid association Utopia 56 filed a complaint on Tuesday for complicity in crimes against humanity and torture against Fabrice Leggeri, number 3 on the RN list for the European and former director of Frontex, the EU agency responsible for borders. The two NGOs, which filed their complaint before the Paris judicial court, believe in a press release that the EU agency responsible for border control played “an essential role in the commission (…) of crimes against humanity” in the Mediterranean, “the deadliest migratory route in the world” under the direction of Fabrice Leggeri.

“To affirm the agency’s police role, its director then chose a policy aimed at obstructing, whatever the cost – in human lives in particular – the entry of migrants into the country. of the EU”, they say.

Marine Le Pen denounces “judicial harassment”

The two NGOs accuse Fabrice Leggeri, director of Frontex from 2015 to 2022 of the EU agency, of having “allowed criminal acts to be perpetuated”, of which he was, according to them, aware. Questioned by Le Monde, which announced the filing of a complaint with franceinfo, number 3 on the National Rally list denounced “incorrect allegations” relating to “political maneuvers” with the aim of “discrediting the RN list”.

Faced with these accusations, the National Rally, which is leading the polls before the European elections on June 9, quickly expressed its support for its candidate. “Extreme left associations, supporters of migratory overwhelm and accomplices of smugglers, want to silence those who defend the principle of border control. Support for Fabrice Leggeri, target of this legal harassment,” said Marine Le Pen on X (ex-Twitter).

“His only ‘crime’ is to refuse the migratory submersion of the European continent,” denounced, for his part, the head of the RN list Jordan Bardella.

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